Salute to Dick Glasser - from P.J. Proby


Wrote Angels in the Sky” when he was 15 and working as a fireman in

his home town. The day it was on the radio, recorded by Tony Martin,

he went crazy at the station telling all the boys that he wrote the song, and

they didn’t believe him.


He sang with his brothers in the group - The Glasser Brothers - before

they split up to go their separate ways as solo artists, except for three of

the brothers who them formed “The Three G’s”.


“I Will” was written by “Dickie” (as we all called him), for his sister to

show her how much he loved her, they were very close. Vic Dana had a

small hit with it, Bobby Vee had the international hit. I also put it on my

album as I was the first to ever sing it as a demo for Dick, but was too

small time in ‘59 to be considered for a record release by Liberty. I was

not even signed as a singer to the label then. They signed me in ‘61.


Dickie recorded my song “Handsome Guy”, at the same time he

produced my other number I penned at the same time “Clown Shoes”

with Johnny Burnett. He also sang a lot on my demo’s like I did his.

Dick registered me on Liberty Records under the name Sharon Sheeley

gave me right there in his office in the summer of ‘61, as my name up

until then was very popular in Hollywood as Jett Powers, but with the

wrong people, i.e. the cops and for the wrong reasons, i.e. jailed each

weekend for disorderly conduct, i.e. night club puch-ups. So Sharon gave

me the name P.J.Proby and Dickie signed me up - the rest is history,

except for me that is!!


Dickie produced all my Metric Demos, the sessions were always a small

group of us. Unknown players that Dick put together to form the Metric

team, they were:-

Myself- vocals/Dick - vocals

Glenn Campbell - guitar and vocals

David Gates - Bass and vocals and airangements

Jimmy Burton - guitar

Tommy Ailsup - guitar

Leon Russell - keyboards

Glyn D. Harden - keyboards

Randy Newman - keyboards

Jimmy Smith - keyboards

Hal Blane - drums

Jerry Allison - drums

Sandy Nelson - drums

Herbie Alpert - trumpet

Earl Palmer - sax and arrangements

Darlene Love - girl backing vocals

Sharon Sheeley/Jackie de Shannon - girl backing vocals


How’s that for a line up - all went on to become successful in their own



Dickie always knew where to find Glenn Campbell when he needed him

- on the golf course. His favourite sport also.