P.J.PROBY Presley Style
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P.J.PROBY Presley Style

2023- on Bear Family Records

total time= :

01	Cotton Candy Land	 		
02	Take Me To The Fair	 		
03	Fun In Acapulco	 		
04	Me And Mi Amigo	 		
05	Margarita	 		
06	'Til Love Comes To You	 		
07	Which Way Do I Turn	 		
08	Slowly But Surely	 		
09	It's Carnival Time	 		
10	Happy Go Lucky Me	 		
11	Carnival Of Dreams	 		
12	I'll Keep Your Secret	 		
13	Everything I Need	 		
14	The Greatest Show	 		
15	A Fool To Wander	 		
16	Come And Get It	 		
17	Where Is Pappy?	 		
18	Snap To!	 		
19	Whatta They Know	 		
20	In My Dreams	 		
21	Because Of Love	 		

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