The Best of P.J.Proby Emi years
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The Best of P.J.Proby,The EMI Years

2008- on EMI
Cat no: 216 8492

total time=?

1.  Try To Forget Her 
2.  Hold Me 
3.  Cuttiní In 
4.  Somewhere 
5.  Just Like Him* 
6.  Answer Me 
7.  Whatís On Your Mind* 
8.  I Donít Want To Hear It Anymore* 
9.  My Prayer 
10. Mission Bell 
11. If I Loved You 
12. Maria 
13. Quando Tornera* 
14. I Canít Make It Alone* (Alternate Mono Single Version) 
15. Niki Hoeky 
16. Mama Told Me Not To Come 
17. Give Me Time 
18. Iím Cominí Home 
19. And The Sun Will Shine* 
20. Delilah+ 
21. Today I Killed A Man (I Didnít Know) 
22. Daddyís Home 
23. Iím Ahead If I Can Quit While Iím Behind+ 
24. Clown Shoes* 
25. Weíll Meet Again* 

* First Time on CD
+ Previously Unreleased 


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